Skilled craftsmen from all over the world find their way to the Netherlands to work in the famous Dutch shipyards: the quality of the design and the efficiency of the building processes are very attractive. VMG Yachtbuilders is no exception to this rule: we welcome specialists to our team.

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Team as a family

VMG Yachtbuilders is based in Enkhuizen, a place with the ‘small-town feeling’ but at the same time in close proximity to Amsterdam. Our team is very diverse: young, old, highly skilled and trainees. We treat each other like family: you are not just a staff member, but you are part of a team that delivers a beautiful product of outstanding quality.

Working with the best materials

Quality, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand when you work with the best materials on projects that are meant to last. Quality yachts have a long life span, when treated with respect and care. The team at VMG Yachtbuilders is key in this process of building, maintaining and refitting yachts to make them last a lifetime and beyond.

Continuous learning at our academy

We take the old proverb ‘one is never too old to learn’ very serious. Through extensive training and mentoring of our current workforce and through our own academy for young, ambitious students we aim to keep developing our skills and knowledge. That is why we welcome new team members of every age and level of experience: our training program will help them develop their skills.

Dreaming of getting into the industry?

Are you one of those people that cannot go by a port without looking at the moored yachts? Do you quietly dream about working in the industry, but are you unsure if your talents fit the requirements needed to become part of an energetic team? Contact us and we’ll discuss the possibilities of a position in one of our training programs.

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