Embarking on the exciting journey of building your custom yacht starts with a simple yet profound desire – the wish for a new yacht. Whether envisioning a sleek and modern cruiser or a luxurious floating retreat, your dreams set the course for a personalized maritime masterpiece.

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Where to begin

The initial step is defining the scope and character of your yacht. Do you envision a crewed vessel or an intimate private escape? This decision shapes the design brief, a pivotal document that outlines the key features, layout, and functionalities tailored to your preferences.

Next comes the critical task of selecting your Owner’s Representative. This key figure acts as your advocate, guiding you through the intricate process of yacht building. Their expertise ensures that your vision is understood, respected, and effectively communicated to all involved parties.

As dreams take shape, a transparent budget becomes the cornerstone of your project. Defining financial parameters at the outset lays the groundwork for a seamless and tailored yacht-building experience. At VMG Yachtbuilders, we understand that this initial phase is the foundation of turning your wishes into a navigable reality. Let’s set sail on this extraordinary journey together.

  • Wishlist
  • Owner’s Representative selection
  • Budget


Search for Style

With the foundation laid, the next phase is the quest for the perfect style. This search for style is where you begin your exploration for an architect/designer who can turn your vision into a maritime masterpiece. Classification becomes a pivotal step, ensuring that your yacht complies with the highest standards. Moving forward with the architect, drawings take shape, translating your ideas into detailed plans.

As collaboration with the architect unfolds, drawings take shape, translating your ideas into detailed plans. Every line and curve is carefully considered to capture the essence of your vision. This results in a comprehensive specification, refining every detail, from materials to design elements.

  • Architect selection
  • Classification
  • Drawings
  • Specification


Yard selection

With your stylistic vision outlined, the focus shifts to choosing the perfect shipyard, a decision critical to the success of your custom yacht. The process kicks off with the submission of a comprehensive bid package, detailing your project’s scope and requirements to a curated list of yards. This is the start of the Request for Quotation (RFQ) phase, where you assess the responses to align capabilities with your expectations.

At VMG Yachtbuilders, our team evaluates each bid, employing a thorough calculation process that factors in costs, timelines, and specific project requirements.

After selecting VMG Yachtbuilders as your yard, the calculation will lead to a final specification. This is a guiding document, ensuring that VMG comprehends and embraces your unique vision.

The yard selection is pivotal, marking the beginning of transforming your dreams into a tangible, seaworthy reality. With VMG Yachtbuilders, rest assured that every detail is carefully considered to guarantee an optimal match between our yard and your custom yacht aspirations.

  • Bid package
  • Request for Quotation
  • Final specification
  • Calculation



With the yard selected, the preparation focuses on laying the essential groundwork for building your yacht. The process starts with the selection of suppliers. Working in collaboration with your owner’s representative and architect, each supplier is chosen based on their expertise and ability to meet the specific requirements of your unique project.

Following the selection of suppliers, a strategic purchase planning is created. This involves a detailed consideration of factors such as cost-effectiveness, quality, and timely delivery to ensure an efficient building process. A well-thought-out purchase plan lays the foundation, minimizing delays and maximizing the value of your investment.

Project planning comes next, mapping out the entire building process. This includes scheduling each stage, setting milestones, and allocating resources effectively. The project plan serves as a roadmap, ensuring that the building process stays on track and meets the specified timelines.

Simultaneously, the Invoicing protocol is established, creating a transparent financial framework to monitor expenses and stay within budget. At VMG Yachtbuilders, we use dedicated accountancy software for 100% transparency and accountability.

Contract negotiations, led by your owner’s representative, finalize terms with the yard and suppliers. Once negotiations come to an end, contracts are signed, solidifying commitments.

The preparation stage efficiently sets the groundwork for a transparent, coordinated, and successful building process, ready to bring your vision to life.

  • Selection of Suppliers
  • Purchase Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Invoicing Protocol
  • Project Administration
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Contract Signing


Building process

The building process starts with the foundational step of crafting the hull. For an aluminum hull, this phase is entrusted to the expertise of our sister company Super Duplex Hulls (SDH). SDH excels in constructing robust aluminum hulls with precision and durability. If you opt for composite (GRP, carbon) hulls, we collaborate with other trusted partners, ensuring tailored expertise to meet specific material preferences.

Once the hull is completed, it is transported to one of our yacht painting partners. The appropriate yacht painter is selected based on size, schedule, and availability. They fill and sand the hull to perfection, applying primer and, if necessary, a show coat according to specifications. Any final imperfections are smoothed out before applying the color coat and optional clear coat. All our partners adhere to the highest standards and exclusively use top-quality materials.

During the hull construction, the interior takes shape as we utilize CNC to mill a mold of the boat. This advanced technique allows for the early formation of the interior details, creating a seamless blend of shape and functionality.

Technical skills are showcased when the technical schemes come to life. From propulsion systems to onboard electronics, our team executes installations with precision, ensuring optimal performance and functionality for your new yacht.

This phase embodies craftsmanship, combining technological precision with true craftsmanship to bring your envisioned yacht to life. At VMG Yachtbuilders, each detail is attended to, ensuring that your custom yacht not only meets but exceeds the highest standards.

  • Hull by Super Duplex Hulls or trusted partners
  • Interior
  • Technical installations


Change orders

During the process insights can change, new technology becomes available or decisions are made for more jobs. After being briefed we will supply you or your owner’s representative with a Change Order Form that states consequences in terms of costs, time and weight if of any importance. We will implement the change order in the process as soon as it’s signed.


Commissioning & Testing

As the building process approaches completion, one of the final steps is Commissioning & Testing. Commissioning involves the installation and fine-tuning of all systems to ensure they function optimally. Rigorous testing follows, subjecting every aspect of the yacht to thorough investigation to guarantee performance and safety.


Delivery and Acceptance

After successful commissioning and testing, the moment arrives for the official handover. During this phase, your owner’s representative plays a crucial role in communication between you, the yard, and relevant stakeholders. Your custom yacht should align with your expectations and the specification set at the start of the process. Your yacht is ready to embark on new adventures.


Warranty and Maintenance

The final step in our yacht building process is dedicated to Warranty and Maintenance, two components that not only guarantee the ongoing performance of your yacht but also contribute to a compelling resale value.

Our commitment extends beyond the completion of building, it’s a long-term partnership. As a testament to our dedication, many of our clients return for refits, recognizing that large yachts require periodic refits. We don’t just build yachts, we build solid relationships.

A yacht with a track record, a result of a well-executed build and a robust maintenance plan, significantly enhances her resale value. We understand that parting ways with your yacht can be bittersweet, and our aim is to make it a smooth transition, ensuring that her story is a strong selling point. While we know that selling your yacht is probably the last thing on your mind as it’s not even in the process of being built yet, considering this aspect from the outset is beneficial for the future resale value.

  • Maintenance
  • Resale

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Super Duplex Hulls

SDH a ​​trusted name in the metal industry: a true specialist in the field of hull construction and complicated custom parts of all alloys for luxury motor and sailing yachts. Danny Smit and his team have a wealth of experience and will work with you to find the best solutions for your project.

Carpentry team

One of VMG Yachtbuilders’ greatest assets is our exceptional carpentry team. Enkhuizen, renowned for its tradition of Dutch yacht building, is home to many of the finest carpenters in the industry. At VMG, we have gathered these top talents to ensure that every piece of work we deliver reflects outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Our dedicated carpentry team brings unparalleled skill and attention to detail to every project, embodying the rich heritage of Dutch yacht building in each custom yacht we create, refit we do or brand we build.


You want the latest technology and the latest insights in modern materials. Sustainability, durability and ease of maintenance are key. The constant search for optimization and quality improvement drives the innovative solutions we will find to meet your needs.