At VMG Yachtbuilders, we don’t just build yachts; we craft legacies. With decades of experience in yacht building, we understand the intricacies of transforming a passion for yachting into a distinguished brand.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed the journeys of numerous brand owners, each with their unique aspirations and challenges. From a hobby business to the establishment of a renowned brand, we’ve been there every step of the way, leveraging our expertise to navigate the waters of yacht craftsmanship.

Drawing from our extensive experience in the industry, we’re equipped to guide brand owners through the challenges and opportunities inherent in brand development. Our approach is rooted in practical knowledge, gained from years of hands-on experience in the yacht-building sector.

At VMG Yachtbuilders, we offer more than just craftsmanship; we provide invaluable insights and support derived from our rich history in the industry. Let us be your partner in transforming your vision into a maritime masterpiece.

Our process



Building a Boat or a Company?

Launching your brand requires a mix of nautical vision and business sense. Your journey starts with the formulation of a robust business plan, laying the foundation for a successful venture. Market research shows the need for your product and the accepted market price.

Financing synchronizes your strategy with your brand aspirations. The general arrangement takes form, determining the fundamental layout of your yachts.

Moving forward, the standard specification becomes the architectural blueprint, detailing the core features and quality standards that will define your boats. Simultaneously, an option list is curated, providing a range of customization choices for your future clients. This approach sets the stage for the realization of your boat brand, an enduring testament to your legacy on the open waters.

  • Business plan
  • Market research
  • Financing
  • General arrangement
  • Layout
  • Standard specification
  • Option list


Yard Selection

With your business plan evolving, the next step is crucial: selecting the right yard for your brand’s realization. VMG Yachtbuilders simplifies this process, ensuring a transparent and collaborative journey.

Begin by sharing your brand story to initiate discussions and request a preliminary budget. This foundational step provides insights into the project’s feasibility, allowing alignment with financial considerations.

Fine-tune your brand story based on the preliminary budget, shaping your detailed final specification and option list, serving as a clear blueprint for your brand’s yachts.

This streamlined approach ensures that the final specification complies with your brand identity, setting the stage for the construction phase. Selecting VMG Yachtbuilders as your yard is not just a choice; it’s starting a valuable partnership in bringing your brand to life.

  • Final specification
  • Calculation


Preparing production

With the yard selected, the transition to the production phase becomes the focus, marking a pivotal stage for you as a brand owner. At VMG Yachtbuilders, this phase unfolds organically through a strategic sequence of steps.

The journey begins with a comprehensive final calculation, refining the budget and incorporating any adjustments made during the yard selection. This step ensures financial alignment with the refined vision. A detailed pricelist is crafted, providing transparent insights into the costs associated with the production of your yachts. This document becomes a valuable reference, offering clarity on each element’s financial implications.

The finalized specification and option list are transformed into detailed plans in the engineering phase. Our collaborative team improves design elements, addressing complexities to ensure your yacht’s production matches precisely with your vision.

The production journey takes shape with thorough planning, scheduling each stage, setting milestones, and assigning resources effectively. This roadmap ensures that the construction of your yachts stays on course, meeting specified timelines.

This streamlined approach in preparing for production guarantees that your brand’s vision is not just realized but executed with precision, adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship at every step. At VMG Yachtbuilders, we transform plans into maritime masterpieces.

  • Final calculation
  • Pricelist
  • Engineering
  • Production planning


Sell boats

You take charge in selling your yachts. Engage with potential clients, sharing the distinctive qualities of your brand and building connections within the maritime community. You collaborate closely with buyers to define their preferences, ensuring each sale reflects both your and your customers unique vision. This stage is where your passion for craftsmanship transforms into tangible vessels, paving the way for the next captivating chapter in building your brand’s yachts.

  • Sales
  • Client specification


Building boats

After sales, we start building your yachts. VMG Yachtbuilders navigates this construction phase with precision and transparency.

Project planning starts, where the entire building process is mapped out. This includes scheduling each stage of the project, setting milestones, and allocating resources effectively. The project plan serves as a roadmap, ensuring that the building process stays on track and meets the specified timelines.

In parallel, the financial planning is established, setting the framework for a streamlined financial process. Our dedicated accountancy software keeps expenses and progress in focus, providing 100% transparency and accountability.

Contract negotiations take place, shaping clear agreements, ensuring a shared understanding of roles, responsibilities, and deliverables. The culmination of negotiations leads to contract signing, marking the official start of construction.

  • Project planning
  • Financial planning
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract signing


Building process

The building process starts with the foundational step of crafting the hull. For aluminum hulls, this phase is entrusted to the expertise of our sister company Super Duplex Hulls (SDH). SDH excels in constructing robust aluminum hulls with precision and durability. For those opting for composite (GRP, carbon) hulls, we collaborate with other trusted partners, ensuring tailored expertise to meet specific material preferences.

Once the hull is completed, it is transported to one of our yacht painting partners. The appropriate yacht painter is selected based on size, schedule, and availability. They fill and sand the hull to perfection, applying primer and, if necessary, a show coat according to specifications. Any final imperfections are smoothed out before applying the color coat and optional clear coat. All our partners adhere to the highest standards and exclusively use top-quality materials.

During the hull construction and preservation, the interior takes shape as we utilize CNC to mill a mold of the boat. This advanced technique allows for the prefabrication of the interior details, creating a seamless blend of shape and functionality and at the same time efficiently minimizing production time.

Technical skills are showcased when the technical schemes come to life. From propulsion systems to onboard electronics, our team executes installations with precision, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

This phase embodies craftsmanship, combining technological precision with true craftsmanship to bring your brand to life. At VMG Yachtbuilders, each detail is attended to, ensuring that your brand not only meets but exceeds the highest standards.

  • Hull by Super Duplex Hulls or trusted partners
  • Interior
  • Technical installations


Commissioning & Testing

Entering the Commissioning & Testing phase, you, as the brand owner, play a pivotal role in ensuring the readiness and performance of your newly built vessels.

Collaborate closely with our team to oversee the installation and fine-tuning of all systems. This phase focuses on ensuring that each component functions optimally, aligning with the high standards set for your boats.

Rigorous testing follows, subjecting every aspect of the vessel to thorough investigation. This evaluation guarantees not only performance but also safety, ensuring that your boats are seaworthy and meet the strict criteria.

Commissioning and testing prepare for smooth delivery and acceptance by your client and is a crucial phase for minimizing warranty issues.


Delivery & Acceptance

After successful commissioning and testing, the moment arrives for the official handover. During this phase, you play a crucial role in communication between your customer, VMG Yachtbuilders, and relevant stakeholders, ensuring that the yacht corresponds to your and your customer’s expectations and the specification set at the start of the process. This thorough final inspection guarantees that the delivered yachts match with your vision and meet the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Evaluation and Product development

The Evaluation and Product Development stage is important for refining and advancing your offerings.

Reflect on the entire process, identifying valuable insights and lessons learned. This introspective process allows you to understand what worked well and areas that can be enhanced, stimulating continuous improvement.

Implement improvement initiatives based on the lessons gleaned, whether it’s refining construction processes, enhancing design elements, or optimizing project management. This phase brings your brand to higher standards, which will make for better sales and bigger margins over time.

Conduct a thorough evaluation of the budget, analyzing expenses against the initial financial plan. This assessment gives financial transparency and provides insights for more accurate budgeting in the future. This stage is not just about the completion of a project; it’s a dynamic phase that positions your boat brand for ongoing success.

  • Lessons learned
  • Improvement
  • Budget evaluation


Aftersales & Warranty

Aftersales and Warranty are of the most importance for sustained success of your brand. Acknowledge that your customers are the lifeline of your brand, and you, in turn, are our valued customer. In this phase, a customer-centric approach is key. Ensuring satisfaction and maintaining strong relationships with your clients positions your brand for continued success.

Take proactive steps to establish and execute a robust aftersales plan. This involves attention to the needs and expectations of your clients, ensuring that their experience complies with the quality of your yachts.

Utilize our experience in aftersales processes. We’re here to share insights, recommendations, and best practices to assist you in shaping and refining your aftersales process.

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Super Duplex Hulls

SDH a ​​trusted name in the metal industry: a true specialist in the field of hull construction and complicated custom parts of all alloys for luxury motor and sailing yachts. Danny Smit and his team have a wealth of experience and will work with you to find the best solutions for your project.

Carpentry team

One of VMG Yachtbuilders’ greatest assets is our exceptional carpentry team. Enkhuizen, renowned for its tradition of Dutch yacht building, is home to many of the finest carpenters in the industry. At VMG, we have gathered these top talents to ensure that every piece of work we deliver reflects outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Our dedicated carpentry team brings unparalleled skill and attention to detail to every project, embodying the rich heritage of Dutch yacht building in each custom yacht we create, refit we do or brand we build.


You want the latest technology and the latest insights in modern materials. Sustainability, durability and ease of maintenance are key. The constant search for optimization and quality improvement drives the innovative solutions we will find to meet your needs.