About us

You want to build your yacht with a yard that feels like a family-run business. VMG Yachtbuilders is big enough to have all the necessary skills and knowledge in our team, but at the same time small enough to make the build process a warm and personal journey. You’re our cherished customer, not just a hull number.

We specialize in quality
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Our history

Our yard started well over fifty years ago. Decades of experience, knowledge and a constant drive for innovation have led to the team and facilities we are today. It makes us proud to keep building on the legacy of those who worked here before us.

Our dream

It’s in our DNA. We wake up in the morning, knowing it’s going to be another day of creating history, instead of just building a boat. Because our ‘future classics’ will outlive both their owners and their builders.  

Our vision

If you have your yacht built in the Netherlands, you have chosen to be in the heart of the yacht building industry worldwide. We are proud to be part of that industry, where we can make dreams come true by using the utmost quality in knowledge, skill and facilities.


The Dutch are known for that last bit of yacht building detail that makes it perfect, combined with great efficiency. Apart from efficiency being a cultural matter, a major reason for our reputation is the compactness of the country combined with a high density of dedicated specialists.

Our ship#yards%

You are most welcome to visit our yards; we are happy to show you around the great facilities we have.


  • VMG Yachtbuilders (Volmolen 9, Enkhuizen)
  • Holland Jachtbouw (Volmolen 2, Enkhuizen)
  • VMG Yachting (Paktuinen 2A, Enkhuizen) 

Our facilities

  • Welding hangar
  • Stainless steel workshop
  • CNC machine
  • Finishing hangars with heated floors
  • Climatized paint hangar
  • Carpentry workshop
  • 2500 m2 work harbour
  • 150 meters of sheltered, deep water private quay
  • Captains offices

Creating outstanding
yachts is #teamwork%

The people at VMG share a deep passion for building yachts. We are based in Enkhuizen in the region West-Friesland, which has a yacht building tradition that goes back several centuries. First, wooden fishing vessels and cargo boats, then yachts. Our builders are the offspring of generations of yacht builders, where knowledge and skill have accumulated for many generations.

Following this tradition, young professionals join our team, eager to learn the tricks of the trade. We welcome them on board to excel in new levels of craftsmanship. After all: we want to be realizing dreams still in another twenty years, thirty years and beyond!   

At VMG, we believe that our success is driven by the talent and expertise of our team members. We are constantly on the lookout for the best and brightest in the industry to join our growing team.

Come work with us.