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Your journey begins
#the moment you step on board.%

The one boat you’ve always dreamed about. Many times, you have imagined it: you know every little detail. But who understands exactly what you want? Where to build it? Where can you find the quality, the capacity and the passion to fulfill all your wishes? Who do you trust to bring this voyage to a successful end?  We understand what you want to achieve; it is our mission to realize your dream.

You want a proven
design and building
process that #brings it%
#all together%

Whether you’re a private owner embarking on the journey of building or refitting your dream boat, a professional seeking a collaborative partnership with a shipyard, or a brand owner envisioning the construction of your yachts, finding the right yard is key.

You want a yard that understands your goals, budget and timeframe and works within those parameters. For you, clear communication and a transparent process are key. You want a yard that shares the joy of seeing your vision come to life.

Where imagination meets the sea

Beyond my imagination

For our demanding clients and diverse projects, it is important that we have a reliable partner nearby who can deliver the quality and craftsmanship required for our new build and refit projects.

It is one of the main reasons that we like to work with VMG Yachtbuilders. The fact that fulfilling agreements and sound management are self-evident is a requirement for our unusual assignments.

Olivier van Meer

The art of building
#bespoke yachts.%

Centuries of craftsmanship

The Netherlands has a long tradition in yacht building and cargo vessels. You will find the best yards in the world in the Netherlands. The boatbuilding skills are passed on from generation to generation. West-Friesland, the area where VMG Yachtbuilders is firmly rooted, has been a centre for yacht building for many decades. Strong family traditions, the ambition to be the best in the trade and a powerful work ethos characterize the success of this region.


Building a new boat, working on a refit or doing a routine maintenance project: boats will be boats and, inevitably, there will be bumps in the road.

You want a yard that is reliable, works on time, delivers what is promised and communicates promptly when things don’t go according to plan. We take pride in our reliability and work hard to involve you every step of the way.


You have carefully considered your dream yacht, but when you see it taking shape before your eyes, things may look different than you envisioned it.

We understand that, in the course of the building stages, your ideas evolve which may lead to design changes. Our team will listen to your new plans and adjust the process accordingly.

Availability and capacity

You want the best craftsmen to work on your boat. Through our innovative set-up, we can make the right highly skilled staff available for your project in every phase: from building the hull and finishing the interior to maintenance projects and after sales projects. In our three production facilities we have the right equipment to work fast and efficient. Come and have a look; we are happy to show you around.

Knowledge and experience

Albeit a maintenance project, a refit or a brand new yacht: you have ideas about how you want it done. We listen carefully to your ideas and will pair them with our knowledge and experience to create the best solutions. Innovation starts with the exchange of ideas and mixed with skill and expertise it leads to great results.