Saloon boat Sally from 1910 relaunched after restoration

We are thrilled to announce that the Dutch saloon boat Sally has been relaunched in pristine, museum condition after an extensive refit at VMG Yachtbuilders. Sally, originally built in 1910, has been carefully restored to her former glory, blending the elegance of her early 20th-century heritage with modern enhancements.

In collaboration with renowned naval architect Olivier van Meer, our team dedicated themselves to preserving Sally’s timeless charm while integrating modern technology en improvements. Key elements of the refit include a complete overhaul of her propulsion system, ensuring she is ready for many more journeys, and the addition of two new portholes for enhanced views from the saloon towards the bow.

The exterior shines with fresh layers of varnish and paint, and all brass items have been cleaned and replaced where necessary, highlighting her distinctive look. Inside, every detail has been addressed with care – from new teak frames for the insulated glass in the saloon to a comprehensive upgrade of the interior varnish work.

A major highlight of the project was the lowering of the cockpit floor, which seamlessly connects it with the saloon floor. This not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also allowed us to design a cohesive bimini that aligns perfectly with the saloon roof.

Sally’s transformation is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of all involved. Our collaboration with specialists like Jongkind Service Medemblik and Super Duplex Hulls ensured that every aspect of her refit was executed with precision and respect for her rich maritime history.

We invite you to watch the video to see Sally in motion and appreciate the results of her refit. Join us in celebrating the rebirth of this magnificent boat, as she sails once more, a beacon of Dutch maritime heritage.

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