The Taeke Hadewych Relaunched After Extensive Refit at VMG

Last week, after an extensive refit at VMG, the Taeke Hadewych was relaunched. Remarkably, this event occurred almost exactly 38 years after the boat first hit the water. Now, he is ready for at least another 38 years of sailing adventures!

This milestone marks a new chapter in the Taeke Hadewych’s history, as he returns to the water in pristine condition, prepared for many more years of sailing. The current owners, inspired by the rich legacy and remarkable story of the Taeke Hadewych, have restored his exterior to its former glory. It also received a new interior, designed by Olivier van Meer, and completely new technical installations. The owners’ dedication ensures that the spirit of Eerde and his adventures with Hedwig on board the Taeke Hadewych live on.

The refit is not yet finished, and more work will be done while the Taeke Hadewych is in the water. However, the time to show you the end result is almost here! Stay tuned, because in the next update he will be ready!

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