Hull of Sport Fish Boat 1 nears completion: an inside look at VMG’s latest project

VMG is excited to announce the nearing completion of the hull of Sport Fish Boat 1, crafted for a client in Florida. This project showcases our expertise in building two distinct models, using the same hull design: the 48 Flybridge and the 48 Express, designed by Erwin Gerards. Both models are distinguished by their unique decks, tailored to different preferences.

This project is a collaboration between VMG and Sealevel, who is responsible for engineering the molds produced by Nedcam BV. The precision of these molds in turn enables Adel Polyester to craft the flawless polyester hulls that define the essence of these vessels. The synergy between the entities highlights the seamless integration of expertise, technology, and craftsmanship in bringing these hulls to life. Adel Polyester’s expertise in sculpting the finest hulls complements VMG’s dedication to quality and innovation. The process involved in creating these vessels showcases cutting-edge engineering and craftsmanship in every step. Once the hull arrives at VMG, we will complete the construction of the boat.

Stay tuned to follow the different construction stages of this beautiful Sport Fish Boat at VMG!

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