Watch Now: docu about VMG Yachtbuilders.

VMG Yachtbuilders is starring in the first episode of’s “Centuries of craftsmanship”. about this episode:

Finally, we are able to share our first episode with you! In this first episode where we focus on craftsmanship, we visited VMG Yachtbuilders in Enkhuizen where they are restoring a legendary classic sailing yacht. The yacht was originally built by Sparkman & Stephens but was in a bad shape when the new owner decided to restore this yacht to its former glory. Now the yacht is being restored without any concessions at VMG Yachtbuilders in Enkhuizen.

Building yachts like this one requires great craftsmanship and it is the people that work at VMG that make the company great at what they do, says CEO Tim van Daal.

VMG Specializes in semi- and full custom building. They have a proven track record of Yacht building with different materials like alloy, wood but, glass fibre and also full carbon. If you have challenging ideas and designs, they want to take it on and make it happen.

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