S/Y Zaca 73 ‘ Selene’ launched after refit

S/Y Zaca 73 Selene

Yesterday we launched S/Y Zaca 73 Selene. After completing the second phase of the refit, her time has come to touch the water again. Many enhancements have been made over the past year. She has been updated not only technically and cosmetically, but her interior has also been widely adjusted.

Soft Anchoring System (SAS)

New techniques and developments have been applied, to enable ‘shorthanded sailing’ with the Selene. A special feature that has been added is the the Soft Anchoring System (SAS). This system was created using joint forces from a few specialists, such as Olivier van Meer DesignJSM JongkindSuper Duplex HullsDe Gier MaritiemStraathof Controls and Trydo Hydrauliek. The Soft Anchoring System enables her owner to stop the yacht by simply pressing a button, even in windy weather conditions. Preparing for docking has never been easier.


Shorthanded sailing has also been made easier on Selene by equipping her with a furling boom. The existing Hall Spars carbon mast has been adjusted to fit perfectly with this furling boom. A curved track was installed on the mast, and enough space was created to feed all hydraulics from the furling boom to the main engine. We were able to achieve the desired results by closely cooperating with our partner Made Engineering.

Other adjustments

Part of her refit was also to adjust the cockpit and transom. A built-in stern anchor and retractable gangway were applied, both disappearing into the transom completely. The old steering wheel pedestal has been replaced for a modern version as well, provided with new instruments and navigation equipment. All software has been changed for up-to-date software from Straathof Controls.


In the second phase of the refit, adjustments to the interior of Selene have been made. Her new owner has consulted with the architect and decided to merge the two front cabins into one large owner’s cabin. This owner’s cabin has also been equipped with separate shower and toilet. The old owner’s cabin has also received an upgrade in her interior.


Now that her refit has been finished, we will be extensively testing the Selene during sea trials over the next few weeks. Special care will of course go into testing the Soft Anchoring System and the new furling boom.

After completing all her tests, she will be ready to sail off with her new owner and have many years of fun together.

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