Project update: Refit of Truly Classic 78 “Bontekoning”

The refit of Bontekoning has already known many phases. Modesty Yacht Carpentry started off with renovating and re-caulking the teak deck, in which they have done an excellent job. 360A3 has taken care of all exterior varnishing, of which Bontekoning has quite a bit.

Repainting the entire exterior, among which the hull, cockpit, bulwark and the mast, was also on her owner’s wishlist, so we made that happen. Yesterday, the day had come that she was uncovered! She is shining and looks totally new again. Thanks to Luijendijk Yachtpainting for taking such good care of this.

A+ Rigging will provide the freshly painted mast with new standing and running rigging, after which the boat and mast will be reconnected again. To optimize her sailing capabilities, Bontekoning will be equipped with a new set of North Sails.

The technical part has come now, in which JSM is installing a completely new navcom system and will do a full technical refit.
After this, her owner will be able to enjoy her for many years to come.

We will keep you posted!


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