Discover the magic of prefab construction at VMG Yachtbuilders. This approach allows us to build both the hull and interior simultaneously, offering unparalleled efficiency. When the freshly painted hull returns, the interior is already largely prepared and ready for seamless integration into the boat.

The charm of prefab is that clients can step into their interior while the boat takes shape, providing them with the flexibility to make mid-process changes quite effortlessly. Being able to see the interior in person makes it easier for clients to assess and make adjustments as needed during the process.

Starting with a 3D design package, we select which ribs should be milled, based on the drawings. These choices are different for every boat. Precise CNC milling shapes the hull, considering insulation and installations. The ribs are placed on a leveled floor, creating the exact space that can be used for the interior.

Client choices in materials and colors are crucial, forming an integral part of the yacht’s identity. That’s why our process usually includes building a prototype furniture piece, clarifying uncertainties and allowing clients to experience the finish firsthand. This ensures informed decisions and streamlined material ordering.

The interior is built based on the 3D rendering and client choices. The elements are then carefully fitted into the boat mold. When their shape is definite, they are taken out of the mold, sanded again, and coated with a layer of lacquer for protection. The painter finishes each element, preparing it for assembly into the hull.

In an exemplary project with clear 3D renderings, our prefab efficiency reaches an impressive 65-70%.

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