NEW PROJECT: SY “Taeke Hadewych”

We have started a very special, fun and prestigious project, working on a boat with a story. The “Taeke Hadewych”, a well-known yacht for many sailors, has arrived at VMG for a total interior renovation. The “Taeke Hadewych” used to belong to the famous sailors couple Eerde Beulakker and Hedwig van den Brink, and is now owned by the family Van Westerhoven.

“On Terschelling, the eighteen-year-old boy Toon van Westerhoven marvels at a frozen, jogged yellow ship: the Taeke Hadewych. Torn away from waves of thoughts, a head suddenly pops through the hatch, belonging to a man by the name of Eerde Beulakker. Eerde tells Toon he needs a sailing buddy. “We’re going to Nova Zembla, Toon!” They never reached Nova Zembla, but they followed Willem Barentsz as far as Bear Island. They also visited many other places where you can see your breath when exhaling.” (Zeilhelden).

Before the yacht became family property to the family Van Westerhoven, Toon had already gotten to known him very well. Over the past 10 years, Eerde Beulakker’s boat has slowly but truly turned into the boat of the family Van Westerhoven. There have been times when they thought about trading him in for another boat, but the consequences of selling their beloved “Taeke Hadewych” are too big. That’s why they contacted naval architect Olivier van Meer. He helped them put together a plan for a refit, focused on keeping the soul of the boat alive.

We are very proud to have this family’s trust in making this project into a success and we are going to build something great together.

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