Huisman 64 “Yonder”

Project update Huisman 64 Yonder:
This past winter, the Yonder has been with us for her annual maintenance. Even though the yacht was built back in 1988, she is still in mint condition. We’ve only dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s for her owner.

Working on the Yonder has been that kind of project where the boat already seemed beautiful upon arrival, but the owner wanted quite a lot of small adjustments to be made. The precision that is required for those adjustments, makes it a considerable project after all.

We made several minor modifications to the interior. In addition, we have installed a new teak floor in the forepeak. The exterior has been prepared for summer again. The underwater body was given new antifouling and the propeller has been treated with probspeed. Besides that, we have fixed several issues from a crooked scepter to minor damage to the hull.

In short, the this beautiful yacht is completely ready for another great sailing season. Perfectly polished and with a beautifully sanded deck, she is brightening up the waters again.


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