What happens at the yard: April

Spring is definitely in the air! With these rising temperatures, we’re all eagerly anticipating the start of the boating season.

The first yachts have hit the water once again! The Bestevaer 50 Stormvogel is gleaming in its renewed state, ready to take on the season. Meanwhile, the IJver basks in the sunlight, radiating its glory, and the Zaca 72 Selene is ready to get back in action. Saloon boat Sally has taken to the water, all set for sea trials. With just the upholstery left to be placed, she’ll also be ready to go!

Seeing the Tintel and Taeke Hadewych side by side in the hall is quite the sight. The Tintel is nearly finished, while the Taeke’s renovation is nearing its end too. MY Tulipa is all wrapped up, awaiting the final layers of paint for that flawless finish!

Over at Super Duplex Hulls, the buzz of activity continues. Two hulls are nearing completion, each one a testament to precision and craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the team is hard at work crafting custom components for the Tulipa, ensuring every detail is tailored to perfection.

With each project progressing, the excitement at the yard is growing. Stay tuned for more updates as we sail deeper into the season!

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