VMG Yachtbuilders signs agreement for representation in North America.


VMG Yachtbuilders signs agreement for representation in North America.


February 14, 2020. Miami Yacht Show, Miami, Florida – Tim Van Daal, CEO of VMG Yachtbuilders B.V., of the Netherlands, announced today that a deal has been struck with long-time marine industry consultant and former president and CEO of Palmer Johnson Yachts, Phil Friedman, to provide concept-to-sailaway representation in North America for his firm’s line of semi-custom Puffin® sailing yachts and other services.

Van Daal said during a teleconference at the Miami yacht and boat shows that,

“At VMG, we’ve been looking for an experienced sailor and boatbuilding professional to represent us in the North American market. We wanted someone who could guide and support prospective customers right from the early stages of talking about a build to developing a new project and through to final delivery, commissioning, and sea trials. Several months ago at FLIBS 2019, Olivier van Meer, the designer of the Puffin® line holder of the trademark, and I met with Phil to discuss the possibilities. And we knew, almost at once, we had found the right person.”

According to Van Daal, Friedman harbors a deep appreciation for traditional sailing craft, is an experienced sailor and veteran of seven years cruising and living aboard, and is, moreover, experienced in building both sailing and motor yachts from 10 to 50 meters LOA.

For his part, Friedman said,

“Representing Puffin® and VMG Yachtbuilders will truly be a labor of love for me. The Puffin® marque exemplifies a magnificent blend of traditional lines and sailing qualities, proven in the real world over many years by the rigors of the North Sea. I’ve actually kept an eye on the Puffin® series since Olivier van Meer first launched it in 1994. Indeed, Tim Van Daal and Olivier van Meer found me because Tim noticed a photo of an exquisite older Puffin® that I’ve used for quite a while in some of my online marketing materials (with, of course, permission from a former Puffin® builder). VMG Yachtbuilders takes this family of great yachts to the next level by executing van Meer’s eminently seaworthy, traditionally-styled designs in fully contemporary materials using the best of modern boatbuilding techniques.”

Puffin® yachts are built to order by VMG Yachtbuilders B.V. in the Netherlands on a semi-custom basis. This means a buyer can secure a degree of customization that will satisfy 99% of all yachtsmen, without escalating costs to the level of a completely custom vessel. The result is a sailing yacht that exudes Dutch quality in basic structure, fit, and finish at reasonable cost.

Friedman adds further that cruising sailors should not make the mistake of thinking “traditional” means sluggish. The traditional lines of Puffin® yachts minimize wetted surface per unit displacement, and the yachts have ample sail area, most commonly arrayed in a cutter configuration with a high aspect main, large forestays’l and a powerful high-clew Yankee jib. Some of the larger yachts are ketch-rigged.

About Puffin® Sailing Yachts

Puffin® is a registered trademark by Olivier van Meer Design BV. Ever since the first yacht in this range was launched in 1994, the Puffin concept has represented a standard to which many others have aspired. Seaworthiness, a substantial deck saloon, broad deck spaces, and ample interior volume, not to mention one-of-a-kind looks, give the Puffin range is unbeatable for all-around sailing performance, interior design, and high-end finish.

About VMG Yachtbuilders B.V.

VMG are Dutch yacht builders, and that has special meaning in the world of yachting. The Dutch are known for their almost obsessive attention to quality and detail, which makes owning a Dutch-built yacht an enduring joy. But the special feeling that comes from owning a Dutch yacht derive from more than just culture: the Netherlands is a relatively small, compact nation that has fostered over the years the development of a dense infrastructure of dedicated boatbuilding specialists and craftsmen, unmatched in the rest of the world.

For more information about Puffin sailing yachts and VMG Yachtbuilders in the USA, contact:

Phil Friedman
Puffin® Yachts USA
Greater Fort Lauderdale Area, Florida, USA Tel: 1.954.224.2145
Email: phil@PuffinYachtsUSA.com

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