Custom Projects

As a yard we offer a wide range of products and services, both for private persons and companies. We have our semi-custom lines Puffin Yachts and Zeeman Yachts, we built full-custom yachts up to 35 meters, we pre-fab interiors and exteriors in wood and different kind of composites, we perform complete refits and we produce all kinds of specials, serials and patterns on our CNC milling machine.

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When it comes to comfort, safety and technology on board, requirements change over the years. When you don’t feel like buying a newly built yacht -for whatever reason, you may choose for a refit. VMG Yachtbuilders performs and manages refit projects to let your yacht meet your wishes.

A second life
A refit is an investment in value and pleasure of your yacht. After replacement of damaged, corroded and outdated parts, your yacht is like new and you are ready to sail another season!

All expertise under one roof
Apart from carpenters VMG Yachtbuilders has a network of specialists like metal workers, technical installers, yacht painters, diesel mechanics and riggers. We take care and responsiblity for the complete project.

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The yacht’s exterior suffers a lot from wind, water, salt & sun. Regular maintenance of the exterior helps to preserve the quality and value of your yacht. But the moment will come inevitably that you will need to replace your teak deck, restore weatherbeaten and worn-out parts or even do a partial or complete refit. The traditional craftsmanship of our carpenters combined with the most sophisticated machines and technology warrant your yacht will shine like all new again and wooden parts are protected against nature’s harsh conditions.

VMG Yachtbuilders, the teak deck specialist
When you set high demands on a traditional teak deck, VMG Yachtbuilders is the place to go. The teak is carefully selected from the tree trunk and quarter sawn to our own specifications. By the way: we can produce decks in any material.

When we restore or repair an existing teak deck, the seams are milled clean from old glue and caulking centimeter by centimeter. The subsurface will carefully be inspected and prepared before gluing. These days teak decks are applied screwless and without plywood underlayment.

On a Nautor’s Swan 43 we glued all deck laths together longitudinally, so there would be no butt joints. The laths for the SWan are narrower than normal, completely according to the original design of Sparkman & Stephens.

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Every yacht is unique. Therefor interior carpentry -if it concerns a kitchen, engine room or saloon- is always a tailor made project. A very precise job, which can easily be entrusted to VMG Yachtbuilders, with their 30 years of experience, craftsmanship and all techniques and technology under one roof.

How do you like your interior?
Nothing as personal as a yachts interior. In very close deliberation with you, the layout and choice for materials will determined. Should it be mahogany, teak or oak or even white panels and leather upholstery? Anything is possible.

Restoring interiors of classical yachts and building complete new, modern, stark interiors give us just as much challenge and satisfaction. Whatever needs to be altered or improved in your yacht, VMG Yachtbuilders is the place to go.

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