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Wegens snelle groei gezocht: Scheepstimmermannen

Wegens snelle groei gezocht: Scheepstimmermannen! (full time, part time of ZZP)
VMG Yachtbuilders – ‘Building the Future Classics’

VMG Yachtbuilders is gevestigd in Enkhuizen en gespecialiseerd in het hoogwaardige, custom en semi-custom build segment. VMG heeft o.a. twee eigen merken: Puffin en Agile Yachts en kan bouwen tot 35 meter, zowel zeil als motor. Tot die maat is er geen vraag die wij niet aan kunnen.

In Enkhuizen heerst al generaties lang een jachtbouwcultuur, waardoor wij beschikken over enorm vakmanschap op zowel het moderne als traditionele vlak.

Wij zijn trotse Nederlandse jachtbouwers die met een passie voor perfectie dromen realiseren die de geschiedenisboeken in gaan. Ben jij bereid je hieraan te verbinden?

Wij vragen
Een ervaren en/of leergierige Scheepstimmerman m/v voor de luxe (custom build) sector, die kennis heeft van speciaal geselecteerde houtsoorten & fineren, meubel- en exterieurbeslag en alle voorkomende noviteiten als allround meubelmaker. Hij of zij is bekend met een zeer uitgebreid machinepark, waaronder een CNC-machine en alle meest voorkomende elektrische handgereedschappen.

Iemand voor wie tekeningen lezen (of tevens tekeningen vervaardigen) een normale communicatievorm op de werkvloer is.

Je bent veelzijdig en zelfstandig en hebt eventueel kennis, of anders interesse in het werken met en produceren van composieten die gebruik maken van glas, carbon, aramide en hybride vezels.

Je hebt een uitgebreide gereedschapskist aan talenten, gezond verstand en oplossingsgerichtheid.

Wij bieden

Dynamische werkomgevingen, waaronder een afbouw- en composietafdeling, eigen spuitcabine, prefab/afbouwloods, verkoophaven en jachtservice met getalenteerde, inspirerende en gedreven collega’s die afzonderlijk of gezamenlijk inzetbaar zijn voor de meest voorkomende werkzaamheden in de luxe jacht-, interieur en exterieur (af)bouw, zowel in binnen- als buitenland.

Geïnteresseerd geraakt?

Graag je sollicitatie in een sollicitatiebrief met CV naar:

VMG Yachtbuilders bv
T.a.v. Matthijs van Daal

Voor meer informatie: 0228 322 352. Acquisitie n.a.v. de vacature wordt niet op prijs gesteld!


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A new Olivier van Meer custom design, built by VMG Yachtbuilders, ready for her circumnavigation

After 50 years of dreaming, we built her owner the fast & able sailing yacht Spirit of Venice

Spirit Of Venice

We first came into contact with the client in March 2015. He was especially charmed by the design of our Zaca® line but also had very specific wishes such as a foldable swim platform on the stern and some fantastic ideas for the interior. Once we started making sketches these quickly lead to an all-new design, albeit with recognisable Van der Meer elements such as the spacious deck saloon and decorative but sturdy hull lines. This design also features our proven free uprunning 

centreboard, allowing the yacht with a minimal depth of 2.10 metres to also enter small harbours and shallow sailing areas.

We chose an aluminium hull for this design (built by Dijkstra Metaalbewerking in Harlingen) and a Corecell composite deck, cockpit and superstructure (a specialism of VMG Yachtbuilders). This allowed for a good balance between cost, strength and weight. The aluminium hull has been reinforced to provide protection against floating materials at sea.  

The owner, who is an experienced ocean sailor, wanted to be able to sail the yacht single-handed and had a strong 

preference for a gaff rig. All sails are therefore equipped with electric furling so that the yacht can be fully operated from behind the steering wheel. As always, we made sure that the design offers the best combination of speed and comfort, 

especially important here as the owner intended to embark on some serious world trips. Spirit of Venice can be sailed from within the cockpit in bad weather, offering optimal protection against the elements.

In addition to the practical requirements, the owner had some very specific ideas in relation to the styling of the exterior and interior, which he wanted to be classic and playful, with lots of wood on the deck, as much bronze and brass as 

possible, and a keen eye for detail. Anything but standard, the result is a uniquely personal yacht built to perfection by VMG Yachtbuilders in Enkhuizen (NL) .

Although we took care of the design and served as owner’s rep on the build, he himself was closely involved every step of the way. Building his own yacht was not only a life-long dream – he also wanted to savour the experience as much as he could. Toasting to a successful sea trial, I asked the owner why he’d chosen to work with us. “You were the only ones who really listened to what I wanted and design yachts from a life-at-sea perspective,” he replied. Duly noted!

In case of publication: ask us for the authorized high res photos.
With all publications should be mentioned: ‘All photos and illustrations: Olivier van Meer Design/VMG Yachtbuilders


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Bubbels & Boats was a blast!

Last weeks Bubbels & Boats was a blast! here a sneak peak of the pictures. The after movie is also coming as soon as possible! From here: thanks everybody for coming, have a great season and see you at the first of september at the third edition of Bubbels & Boats the end of the season edition.

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Project update: Spirit Of Venice

At this moment the Spirit Of Venice is at our service yard in the centre of Enkhuizen. On February second, the yacht hit the water. Thanks to the good care of De Gier Maritiem the whole process went really smooth.
After a week of check ups and tests the yacht was ready to put on the rig. Tuned Rigs and ropes prepared the 2 masts and De Groot riggers from Stavoren put on the two masts. In the pictures below you can see this process.
After this the yacht was moored at the VMG service yard for the final assembly, tests and sea trials. The yacht will be delivered to the owner in early April.


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Project: Refit Flyer

The world-famous yacht ‘Flyer’ is at VMG for a small refit. The yacht built by Conny Van Rietschoten in 1977 won the Whitbread around the world race the race that is now called Volvo Ocean Race. This piece of history was brought back in its former glory a few years ago by the foundation ‘Revival of the Flyer’.

We as VMG Yachtbuilders are very pleased to work on this beautiful yacht and help to keep this piece of history preserved for the next generations of sailors.

If you are interested in sailing on the magnificent yacht take a look at:

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Team ROST Ker46 part of team U-Dek

Project: Ker 46
Type deck: Dual Grey black

At U-dek we create High-end deck solutions for all kinds of boats. Last week we installed a brand new U-dek on this Ker46. We tried a complete new design with custom trim strips for the traveler and running backstays. For us it is also a good showcase to show that U-Dek is the best deck solution in all weather conditions.

This Ker46 is sailed by Team ROST (Rotterdam Offshore Sailing Team), a team that supports youth offshore sailing. This is a goal we love to support at VMG yachtbuilders and U-Dek.



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Project: VMG One off 41 / Zeeman 41

About eight years ago the Zeeman 41 was built bij VMG Yachtbuilders. This beautiful and sturdy design is still a dream to lots of sailors.

In the late season of 2017 we did a technical refit with complete new B&G outfit and a total check up. This winter we are doing a cosmetic check up by refitting all the woodwork on the yacht, polishing the hull and give the mast a new layer of paint. At the beginning of the season 2018 the yacht will look like new again.


Vmg yachtbuilders zeeman 41 1

Vmg yachtbuilders zeeman 41 2

Vmg yachtbuilders zeeman 41 3

Vmg yachtbuilders zeeman 41 4

Vmg yachtbuilders zeeman 41 5

Vmg yachtbuilders zeeman 41 6

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Update 73ft ‘Spirit Of Venice’

The teak deck is on, the exterior carpentry is as good as finished as well as the interior. The masts are being dressed by M. de Groot rigs. We are in the last stage of indoors work. Expectedly January she will be spashed for fine tuning, commissioning and test sailing.


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Agile 42

Already a few weeks ago we had a test sail together with the owner of the Agile, the designer (Simonis Voogd design) and some of the suppliers and builders of the yacht. It was blowing around 20kts and that was also the speed we reached downwind. The Agile42 shows that you can really have a full interior yacht (HPLC High Performance Luxury Cruiser), with more than excellent speed and handling performance. We are very pleased. We can not wait to test it in deeper waters to put it even more to the test! Hereby a cool movie of this test sail.

This month the Agile42 will be featured in Zeilen Magazine with a full test, Yacht magazine (featured yachts), and several social media channels.

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Yacht Magazine

Last week ‘Yacht magazine’ from Germany came to Holland to test our brand new COMPOSITE Puffin 37. Especially for this occasion we ordered some heavy weather to test this boat to the max.

Puffin test Yacht magazine

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Deckhouse ‘Spirit of Venice’

Take a look at this Glass/Epoxy/Foam deckhouse with a teak veneer finish for the 73ft ‘Spirit of Venice’. This is best of both worlds! No maintenance, Durable, Stiff, Light weight and really beautyful! 

VMGYachtbuilders custom 73ft Olivier van meer 1 VMGYachtbuilders custom 73ft Olivier van meer 2 VMGYachtbuilders custom 73ft Olivier van meer 3 VMGYachtbuilders custom 73ft Olivier van meer 4 VMGYachtbuilders custom 73ft Olivier van meer 5 VMGYachtbuilders custom 73ft Olivier van meer 6 VMGYachtbuilders custom 73ft Olivier van meer 7 VMGYachtbuilders custom 73ft Olivier van meer 8 VMGYachtbuilders custom 73ft Olivier van meer 9

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Paint for the Agile 42

Last week the agile 42 went for his first paint job. After putting the deck and the hull together it got its first layer of primer. The before and after pictures you can see down below. 

Agile 42 before paint 2 Agile 42 before paint Agile 42 after paint Agile 42 deck after paint Agile 42 front

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Christening Puffin 37 2.0 ‘De Haaks’

Last Wednesday the 19th, VMG Yachtbuilders celebrated the christening of the Puffin 37 ‘De Haaks’ together with the proud new owner and design agency Olivier Van Meer at the VMG boatyard in the old city center of Enkhuizen. This ship is fully built at the VMG boatyard and fabricated in glass, epoxy and Corecell. The result is impressive! Sea for yourself!

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Update ‘Spirit Of Venice’ 73ft Ketch by Olivier van Meer Design.

interieur Spirit Of Venice

The building of ‘Spirit Of Venice’ is making great progress. The engine has been placed and the main part of the piping is installed. Mounting the interior is the next step. After being prefabbed in our carpentry workshop it will be placed in large modules.

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VMG Yachtbuilders buys ‘Messink’ yard in the town centre of Enkhuizen.

werf paktuinen

We are proud to announce that VMG Yachtbuilders has become the new owner of the former Messink yard in the town centre of Enkhuizen. VMG will use this location as her sales & service yard, together with other nautical companies like Volvo Penta service centre Brovo and Tuned Rigs & Ropes.

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Hull construction ‘Spirit Of Venice’ making progress.

Romp Spirit of venice olivier van meerA sneak preview of the construction of the 73ft ketch ‘Spirit of Venice’ by Olivier van Meer Design.

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Start bouw romp eerste Puffin 37 (2.0) by VMG Yachtbuilders

After the built of 52 Puffins in different sizes, the Puffin 2.0 version is under construction at VMG Yachtbuilders now. All experiences and developments through the years have been put into the revised Puffin concept: Ligther, stronger and faster. This Particular Puffin 37 is built of Corecell composite. The interior is prefabricated in a mould at the same time.
VMG’s in house CNC system combined with the OvM experience enables to built even a 37′ fully customized to the clients demands, in a short time and for a competative price. Obviously still with the high Puffin yachts quality.
For more information:

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Zeeman Jachtbouw gaat verder als VMG Yachtbuilders

Zeeman Jachtbouw BV uit Enkhuizen gaat verder als VMG Yachtbuilders BV. De werf blijft nieuwe jachten bouwen, refits uitvoeren en onderhoud plegen, zoals ze al meer dan 30 jaar doet. Het bedrijf blijft ook op de huidige lokatie.

De werf wil meerdere merken nieuw gaan bouwen en heeft daarom gekozen voor een neutralere, overkoepelende naam. Het merk Zeeman Yachts® van de ontwerper Arjen Keer blijft gewoon bestaan en zal ook in de toekomst klassiek gelijnde schepen met moderne vaareigenschappen blijven leveren voor de ontdekker van het ruigere water.

Daarnaast zal VMG Yachtbuilders het alombekende merk Puffin Yachts® van de hand van Olivier van Meer gaan bouwen. Puffin Yachts® voorziet met haar brede range van modellen al jaren in de behoefte van de liefhebber van echte klassiekers.

De organisatie van het bedrijf heeft ook wat veranderingen ondergaan. Govert Bolier, die al jaren mede-eigenaar was- is nu tevens directeur en Tim van Daal is aangetrokken als commercieel manager en hiermee verantwoordelijk voor marketing en verkoop.

VMG Yachtbuilders zal zich in haar nieuwe hoedanigheid presenteren op Boot Düsseldorf 2015 en is te vinden in hal 7a op stand D15.


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Klaar voor het nieuwe vaarseizoen!

De schepen die deze winter in onze hal een meer of mindere refit hebben gehad liggen weer mooi te zijn in het water. We wensen iedereen veel vaarplezier!

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CNC boor- /freesmachine

De nieuwe CNC gestuurde boor-/ freesmachine is in gebruik genomen.

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DGM 53 op de Hiswa. Alle houtwerk gemaakt door VMG Yachtbuilders.

Alle interieur & exterieur houtwerk uitgevoerd door VMG Yachtbuilders.

Een modern interieur, waarbij white washed eiken gecombineerd is met witte plafonds en zwarte vloeren. De teakdekken en teakhouten kuiptafel zijn geprefabt en op de stalen dekken gelijmd middels vacuümtechniek.

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Interieur 16,5m motorjacht in uitvoering

Dit nieuwe 16,5m motorjacht krijgt een compleet interieur gebouwd door VMG Yachtbuilders.

Het is zijn geheel geprefabt in een bouwmal, gedeeltelijk met CNC gefreesde onderdelen.

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Film Zeeman ’41

Gefilmd door Menno van Wees van Grapefruitmoon in de prachtige haven van Enkhuizen.

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Het nieuwe gebouw is klaar

Zeiljacht ‘Siobhan’ is het eerste jacht in onze hal voor een grote refit.

De werkplaats is uitgereust met de modernste technieken op het gebied van jachtbouw.

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